Lady Gaga revuelve Tokio

Lady Gaga stirs Tokyo

Promotion tour

wantedon 08/14/2014 | 11:43

Lady Gaga is causing a sensation once again: at the Tokyo airport, fans of the raucous artist were completely delighted when they were able to admire their star in a see-through sequined mermaid costume. The outfit caused a stir, after all, the intimate parts of Lady Gaga’s body were only covered by shells and starfish.

Lady Gaga brings her fans like …

Lady Gaga knows how to entertain her fans. In her latest outfit, the singer again hit the right buttons with her followers. Lady Gaga now appeared as a half-naked mermaid at the Tokyo airport.

Only a skin-colored suit, almost transparent, covered her body. Covered over and over with glittery rivets, the full-length suit shimmered and covered her breasts and crotch only with cute sea creatures. In addition, the eccentric cheerleader sported platinum blonde dreadlocks and dark, bushy eyebrows that stood out extremely from her mane..

… the mermaid is boiling

Lady Gaga celebrates her success in Japan

Lady Gaga showed with her appearance once again how much she likes to entertain her fans. In Japan, the 27-year-old screaming has a huge Gaga community and his album “Artpop” celebrated great success in the land of the rising sun. For those who couldn’t see the show at the Tokyo airport, the “Born This Way” singer posted some photos of her appearance on Instagram. Lady Gaga proudly writes about it “Artpop is a small success in Japan and I am very happy to be here to celebrate with the people.” That’s probably based on reciprocity: according to “Ampya”, his “Little Monsters” were enchanted.

Lady Gaga is once again doing her best to score points with her outfit, and with success. In Japan, the singer is one of the greats in the music industry. Your Artpop promo tour couldn’t be better!

Image Source 1: Getty Images / Ethan Miller Image Source 2: Instagram / Lady Gaga