Lady Gaga sorprende como reina gótica

Lady Gaga surprises as a gothic queen

Lady Gaga surprises as a gothic queen

Gothic queen

wantedon 08/19/2014 | 11:16

Lady Gaga is not only known for acting artistically. The 28-year-old also stands up for her fans. With a different look, Lady Gaga returns to surprise her followers and at the same time rebels against social limitations. This time on his hit list: crazy anorexia that has been around for years.

Lady Gaga likes it raucous

The quick-change artist in Lady Gaga is back, looking surprisingly dark! On her Instagram profile, the mostly platinum blonde artist with a special soft spot for eye-catching glitter ensembles now shows a different side.

Black hair, dark bushy eyebrows, pale skin and a noticeable nose piercing: this is how the singer has recently shown herself. Lady Gaga wears a dark leather suit and her lips are also dark black. She looks away from the camera and seems lost in thought. Does Lady Gaga have something to announce to us again? Bet!

Lady Gaga cheers on her fans

Lady Gaga presents herself once again as a quintessential quick-change artist. With her strident gothic gaze, the eccentric artist once again captures the absolute attention of her fans. And this is exactly what you want to protect from the anorexia that still prevails.

Lady Gaga with a gothic look

Lady Gaga wrote about her current post: “Don’t let society tell you what beauty is. When the first sculptures and paintings were created, women were round and fertile. It was fashionable to be a little thicker because food was a sign of wealth. Eat more children. Life is too short! “Lady Gaga has long campaigned against the weight loss mania that is widespread in the media.

Lady Gaga shows up again: Even if she’s gotten a bit more musically calm about the singer, the 28-year-old is still sprinkling creative ideas to support her fans. In any case, you are sure to turn heads with the unusual gothic look.

Image Source 1: Getty Images / Ethan Miller Image Source 2: Instagram / Lady Gaga