¡El vestido de carne de Lady Gaga era real!

Lady Gaga’s meat dress was real!

+++ NEWS NEWS NEWS +++ Franc Fernadnez, the designer of the Meat dress revealed that Lady Gaga’s dress is indeed real meat and not synthetic has acted. The designer bought 10 kg of beef from his family butcher and then transformed it into a dress in 2 days. “If we do not defend what we believe in, we will soon have no more rights than the flesh in our body “explained Lady Gaga her evening dress, it takes getting used to. +++

The MTV Video Music Awards were delivered last night in Los Angeles. The big favorite was Lady Gaga, she was nominated for 13 out of a total of 16 awards. She came, surprised, and won.

The pop princess was able to take home “only” 8 trophies, but all eyes were on her. At each award ceremony he changed his outfit, headdress one meter high it was as much a part of his repertoire as a patent leather suit. For the main award, the “Video of the Year” award, Lady Gaga invent something particularly elegant.

Entirely wrapped in raw meat she entered the stage. The singer (Alejandro) even had a small bag made of raw meat. Pure disgust! Fortunately, the blood-red dress was synthetic meat; anyway, it is tasteless and disgusting. “I know you prefer to see me as a hot piece of meat!”Lady Gaga explained her choice of clothes, which took some getting used to.

Taylor Swift caused a sensation even without the roulade costume. Last year she was insulted on stage by the loud Kanye West. Now the sweet singer got revenge. Taylor Swift performed her song “Innocent” barefoot and in a white dress. “I think this time you took it too far” Taylor sings in the song he talks about unofficially Kanye west wrote. She turned down his recent peace offer to write a song for Taylor. Hopefully the ax will be buried after Taylor’s action.

In the “Best Young Star” category, Justin Bieber won against $ (LC776756: Ke $ ha | _blank) $. By the way, the awards ceremony will take place starting at 8 pm MTV.