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LaFee – shut up

LaFee - shut up

LaFee – shut up

wantedon 06/29/2008 | 09:17

LaFee now sings in English! Source: Bito for EMI Music Germany

Tokio Hotel did it! If you are that successful at home, you may have a chance abroad with an English album. That’s why LaFee today releases their first album in English, including German. A reason for us to listen to the album.

Two and a half years have passed when the 17-year-old made her way to the hearts of fans with her hit “Virus.” He spoke to so many young girls from the heart that the following songs also hit the charts. Now she also wants to talk to soul girls from other countries like Spain and France. And so that they understand it, she sings in English.

Your new album is called Shut up and brings many of his successes in a new edition. “Midnight” becomes “Midnight Strikes”, “Heul Doch” becomes “Shut Up” and “Prinzesschen” becomes “Little Princess.” And the other songs on the album have also been heard on the last two albums, at least the melody. Here, too, LaFee has created texts that should appeal to the listener and in which, as usual, they don’t beat around the bush.

So we don’t have to talk about the songs anymore, do we? LaFee fans will also be on the new album. Shut up find again his beloved footprints. And maybe get a lot of fans in other European countries with the English lyrics.

However, it is questionable whether an album that she has already released, regardless of whether it is in English or German, can be sold again with the same success. The three Echo award winner hopes it at least is. However, we are curious to see how his German fans will react.

Released: 06/27/08