Pasta de Azuleno de Cosméticos Naturales Doctor Eckstein para curar espinillas grandes

Large grains? You can get rid of them faster, without scars!

No panic!

Pimples are not always pimples – while some people have a lot of small pustules on their forehead or nose, others only occasionally have large craters that can be really painful. To control large pimples, different measures are required than for small, flat skin blemishes. However, if treated properly, they can fade without scarring. We will show you what to absolutely avoid with large pimples and what remedies will help you now.

Not only can a large pimple have many causes, there are several types, each of which requires different treatment. They usually appear on the face, back or neckline.

From left to right: pustules (classic pus pimples), cysts (underground purulent pimples) and nodules (painful underground pimples).

  • Large pimples with pus or an opening on the surface of the skin: These pimples are also known as pustules. They are characterized by a slight redness at the edge and a small white head. If the pimple has already broken open, a small opening can be seen on the surface of the skin.
  • Underground granite with pus (sometimes painful): These sometimes painful lumps show redness and a white or yellowish discoloration in the center, but no opening on the surface of the skin. This inflammation runs deeper under the skin and is known as cysts.
  • Pus-free (painful) underground pimple: These large underground pimples are usually very painful. They are characterized by a large firm bump under the skin, but no pus can be seen, sometimes not even a reddish discoloration. This is a form of cystic acne below the surface of the skin.

A large pimple with visible pus may not seem like a lucky ticket, but in fact, the easiest way to treat this superficial inflammation is without scarring. In most cases, it is not necessary to go to the dermatologist. These types of pustules are caused by a Sebum overproduction – often during puberty, but also later. When the glands become inflamed, large pimples quickly appear. Can be so attractive Express pimples quicklyBut first you should try a pimple patch. This treatment is much less invasive, does not irritate the surrounding skin, and prevents bacteria from spreading and new pimples from forming. New generations Pimple patches work with the active ingredient hydrocolloid, which can quickly reduce inflammation and swelling. During the day, we recommend smaller acne patches from Kascin, which are only noticeable when you look closely. The patches also have the advantage that your pimples are protected from contact and further inflammation.

You can easily apply Kascin XL blackhead patches overnight. A package for just under 10 euros contains 10 strips that are also suitable for treating the back or neckline.

On the other hand, if you’ve already been pressing on your big pimple, you’ll need something to help you heal. A natural cosmetic product has proven itself here: Azulene Paste with zinc oxide helps reduce swelling and redness at night. The oils it contains also provide the skin with the moisture it needs for the wound healing process. The thick green paste is selectively applied to the larger grains at night after cleaning.

Doctor Eckstein Natural Cosmetics Azulene Paste to cure large pimples

Doctor Eckstein Natural Cosmetics Azulene Paste to cure large pimples

The price may be higher now. Price as of 07.11.2020 12:23 pm

If the head of pus is so big that you don’t want to make it public, it just helps Quick. But be careful: you can do a lot of wrong here and make things worse. Instead of spontaneously using bare hands, you should disinfect your fingers and skin area beforehand. In preparation, a hot facial steam bath helps open your pores. For stubborn pimples, you must first open the pus bladder with a sterile lancet. This will prevent the surrounding skin from becoming too tight and red. In order not to make mistakes, you should read our detailed step-by-step instructions beforehand:

Colloquially, these deeper inflammations are known as subterranean pimples, but there are also blind pimples, cysts or nodules. These can not only be painful, but they are also significantly more difficult to treat. With these types of large pimples, it is particularly attractive to push them to get rid of the painful pressure. Unfortunately, that’s not an option – removal of these cysts or nodules is usually not successful anyway. Instead, you’re just causing one more injury to your skin, which can also become infected. Unfortunately, these large pimples are so deep that pimple patches and conventional drugs from the pharmacy don’t help.

But there are many prescription optionswhich are very effective. Because cystic acne is a recurring problem for most people, get one as soon as you can Appointment with the dermatologist organize. Usually you have to wait a long time to get an appointment. But the sooner you start professional therapy, the better. Very painful Cysts can be pierced by a dermatologist or treated with an injection. – and no, that doesn’t mean you should try this at home! A dermatologist will usually give you an ointment or tincture for home treatment. Benzoyl peroxide, vitamin A, high-dose retinol, or salicylic acid prescribe. If this external therapy does not help, drug treatment with antibiotics or hormonal preparations may also be an option.

Already familiar with the use of benzoyl peroxide and can’t wait for an appointment with a dermatologist? You can get this ointment without a prescription, but if you have any questions, contact a doctor or pharmacist:

For the treatment of severe acne: Benzaknen gel 10%

For the treatment of severe acne: Benzaknen gel 10%

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If you have large, purulent pustules more often, you can reduce the frequency with proper skin care and a healthy diet. However, preventing pimples completely is often difficult, as they can have numerous causes, such as:

  • Hormonal fluctuations
  • Stopping or changing the pill or other hormonal contraceptives
  • stress
  • taking medication
  • genetic predisposition
  • frequent touches to the face

However, improper care provides bacteria with the perfect base to multiply. Foundations or day creams are allowed, but only if you remove your makeup completely every night! After cleansing your face, preferably with the double cleansing method, you should apply a liquid peel with salicylic acid with a cotton ball.

Rinse and disinfect: You can get the salicylic acid peel from Paula’s Choice for 14 euros on Amazon:

Changing your diet can also help you have cleaner skin. Helps many sick for a time. to avoid dairy, wheat, and sugar. too Alcohol and cigarettes can promote pimples – an added incentive to stop, or at least limit your consumption! Also, natural anti-inflammatory ingredients can prevent pimples. Highly concentrated ones are particularly effective here. Turmeric Capsules.

Turmeric extract capsules - 2020 comparison winner - curcumin content of ONE capsule corresponds to approximately 10,000 mg of turmeric

Turmeric extract capsules – 2020 comparison winner – curcumin content of ONE capsule corresponds to approximately 10,000 mg of turmeric

The price may be higher now. Pricing as of October 29, 2020 at 1:52 PM

In some cases, expensive products are not needed to stop blemishes. You should pay attention to this every day:

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