Laura & der Wendler muestran sus anillos de boda: ¡el de ella es tan inusual!

Laura & der Wendler show off their wedding rings – hers is so unusual!

Laura & der Wendler show off their wedding rings - hers is so unusual!

Just before the wedding

In episode 4 of their documentary soap “Laura and the Wendler – Now Marrying!”, The time had finally come: the couple finally gifted their fans with the wedding rings they had for their wedding in Las Vegas on the day 2. August has chosen. And Lauras is, as almost expected, a little more special.

We remember: your engagement ring caused a sensation and could even be officially purchased as a cheap copy. Of course, you need a special jewel as a wedding ring! Lovebirds could conveniently be made in the same jewelry box where Laura’s engagement ring was made.

A bit of glitter …

After extensive advice, Wendler settled relatively quickly on a wide, simple model with a glossy finish. Laura, however, chooses a model that is set time and again with flawless diamonds and therefore, contrary to classic wedding rings, is a bit more extravagant and opulent. “I want to put it on right now!” It is Laura’s enchanted judgment.

Now you can take a look at the two rings, including the classic engraved with the date and the names of the two future spouses:

The price of the two rings is displayed on the jeweler’s display at the same time: together they cost 4,848 euros (according to the speaker: 4,300 euros), the Michael Wendler ring only has a comparatively low cost of 1,219 euros, while the ring of Laura’s diamonds cost 3,629 euros. beats. This makes it (almost surprisingly!) Not as expensive as her engagement ring, which is said to have cost between € 15,000 and € 30,000. By the way, Wendler and Laura have not disclosed what material the wedding rings are made of. However, for the price, it’s probably not silver, but white gold or something else of high quality.

The two of them are definitely excited about their new jewelry pieces – Laura a bit more, of course, after all, she had most of the say in the selection.

Sneak Peek: This is what Michael Wendler’s wedding suit looks like!

Because Laura is so fond of outfits with her loved one (Wendler quote: “The one with ‘Shades of Gray’ always!”), Wendler naturally picks them up and after some discussions with her advisers, finds what Looking For. Your wedding look as a groom is definitely still very classic:

Now we just have to wait and see when Laura Müller presents her wedding dress. We already bet it will be a little more pompous again.

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