LaVive: separación

LaVive: separation

LaVive: separation

They fought, cried and trained: the four girls from “LaVive” gave everything to make their dream of being a pop star come true. But it does not work. After only 3 months you have to give up your music career: The girl band broke up.

The first single, “No Time For Sleeping,” got off to a good start, but fell short of number 13 on the charts. Things were even worse with the album “No Sleep”: it reached number 44 on the album charts. It has never been so bad in the history of pop stars.

The split has yet to be officially confirmed by the girl band, but there is almost no question about the breakup. After the season finale of “Popstars: Girls Forever” a hush quickly fell on “LaVive.” The girl band made a name for itself neither on the charts nor on television appearances and was almost forgotten. But from the beginning he had the feeling that the four girls did not really harmonize with each other.

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