Lea Michele: Cantar es su gran amor

Lea Michele: Singing is her great love

Lea Michele: Singing is her great love

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wantedon 08/16/2014 | 15:00

The beautiful singer has had a bad year in which she had to deal with the death of her boyfriend Cory Monteith. But now everything seems to be fine again with Lea Michele. It was the last time she was on a beach vacation in Italy with her lover Matthew Paetz and things couldn’t go any better in terms of career, either.

Lea Michele is unstoppable today. Her book “Brunette Ambition” was released in May, the “Glee” series is about to enter the next round from Los Angeles and her album “Louder” has now conquered # 1 on the US album charts.

Lea Michele loves music

The second single “On my Way” from his album “Louder” was released in May. One can definitely get the impression that Lea Michele is on the right track. After the shock of the death of her friend and colleague Cory Monteith for the “Glee” star, Lea Michele has apparently been fully focused on her career and is now reaping the rewards of her success.

Lea Michele wants to go on tour

Even if the next season of the musical series “Glee” starts soon, in which Lea Michele plays the equally ambitious singer Rachel Berry, the talented 27-year-old prefers to go to the big stage first. “I can’t wait to go on tour with my album”, reveals Lea Michele in an interview with “Contactmusic”, “going abroad and playing my songs in concerts would be great!”. Despite how successful Lea is right now as an actress, singing seems to be her great love: “I grew up singing on stage and that’s what I love the most.”

Given that her album “Louder” is currently so successful and has even conquered the top of the charts in America, we can imagine that Lea Michele will soon be able to fulfill her wish for a world tour. Hopefully the beautiful brunette comes to Germany for some concerts.

Image Source: Don Emmert / AFP / Getty Images