Lea Michele: esta es tu rutina de belleza

Lea Michele: this is your beauty routine

Lea Michele: this is your beauty routine

Beauty tips

Too often we envy the Hollywood red carpet beauties for their flawless skin. Of course, we believe that famous women often have an arsenal of stylists, makeup artists, and expensive skincare products at their disposal after all. Actress Lea Michele, whose beauty secrets are surprisingly simple, has now proven that this is not always true.

“First of all, it’s important to know: I never wear makeup if I don’t have to,” Lea Michele told “WWD.com.” Understandable, because makeup is part of the daily work of a 29-year-old. So you have to create a glamorous look not only on the set of the horror comedy series “Scream Queens”, but also on the red carpets of Hollywood. So much the better if Lea gives her skin a break at least in her spare time and frees it from makeup. “I don’t put makeup on my face, I just put on some mascara and a lip balm and go through my daily life,” explained the beautiful brunette. “I like to give my skin a chance to breathe when it needs to.”

When it comes to the health of your skin, Lea Michele advocates a classic among skincare tips: makeup removal! “I never go to bed without first washing my face. And I always keep the same products ”. The former “Glee” actress just signed a deal with the beauty brand “Burts Bees,” which focuses on naturalness and sustainability.

Lea Michele: Healthy Lifestyle for Beautiful Skin

Not only with the help of her makeup and skincare products, Lea Michele ensures that her skin glows as healthy as we are used to, but also through her conscious lifestyle: “I drink a ton of water a day. and I always try enough to get some sleep, ”he told WWD.com. “I am proud to lead a very healthy lifestyle. I try to eat as healthy as possible, I do a lot of sports, I go hiking. It also helps me feel better and perform better at work. “

Quite exemplary the way Lea Michele shapes her life! The actress is once again proof that a healthy lifestyle is also reflected in a healthy appearance. And best of all: each of us can follow our advice even without a personal star makeup artist and expensive luxury products.

Image Credit: GettyImages / AFP / Frederic J. Brown