¡Alerta magra en Ashlee!

Lean Alert on Ashlee!

Lean Alert on Ashlee!

Ashlee Simpson gave birth to her son Bronx mowgli she lost her pounds again very quickly in November of last year, too fast and now too much! Some moms would be happy if the baby fat was gone from their hips soon, but with Ash it’s too good.

Had Ashlee simpson battling anorexia in childhood. In an interview in the United States, he claimed that he had eating disorders when he was eleven years old. “When my parents realized how thin I was then,” she explains Ashlee, “They just put a steak in my mouth!” Also a way to deal with it …

Maybe the eating disorder isn’t over? Bassist and husband of Fall-out boy Pete wentz gives the go-ahead: “No, the baby’s weight disappeared so quickly with breastfeeding.” too Ashlee simpson He sees everything in the green zone: “I only do sports, because sports are important. I don’t believe in diets! “

These stars also say, but don’t always mean it very seriously: Put an end to crazy anorexia!

we hope that Ashlee simpson Soon she will gain some weight again, because during pregnancy she still said that she really likes her curves. So what are you waiting for?

Do you also think Ashlee Simpson is too skinny?

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