Lena Dunham: Operación de emergencia debido a un quiste reventado

Lena Dunham: Emergency operation for a burst cyst

Lena Dunham: Emergency operation for a burst cyst


Poor Lena Dunham! The “Girls” actress was hospitalized yesterday after a cyst erupted in her ovary. Now the 29-year-old is about to have surgery.

Lena Dunham has long been known to suffer from a chronic inflammatory disease of the uterus, called endometriosis. This condition has now caused a cyst to break out on her ovary. To update the actress’s fans after she was admitted to the hospital, a spokeswoman for Lena’s team addressed the press: “This morning a cyst burst on her ovary and they had to take her to the hospital,” Lena explained. Dunhams. Cindi Berger, press spokesperson for “People” magazine.

The press spokeswoman did not want to reveal which hospital, but noted that Lena was about to undergo surgery. “We thank everyone for their understanding and hope that Lena’s desire for privacy will be respected.”

Lena Dunham is open about her endometriosis

“Until now, Lena has been very open about her personal battle with endometriosis,” Cindi Berger said in the statement. At the beginning of February, the young actress contacted her fans through Facebook to draw attention to the woman’s disease: “As many of you know, I suffer from endometriosis, a chronic disease that affects the genital organs of about one in ten women. I am currently in a bad phase and my body (and my great doctors) let me know that it is time to rest ”, Lena Dunham apologized to her fans, who were unable to attend the promotional events of the sixth season of“ due to her illness. ”. Girls ”could participate. “So many women who are affected by this disease don’t even get a chance to take a break,” he continued, vowing, “So I won’t take this for granted.”

We wish Lena Dunham all the best for the operation and hope that she makes a speedy recovery afterward.

Image Source: GettyImages / Jason Merritt

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