Lena Dunham ya no quiere tuitear

Lena Dunham no longer wants to tweet

Lena Dunham no longer wants to tweet

After death threats

wantedon 01/12/2015 | 11:15

Your two million followers should not approve of the fact that Lena Dunham announced that she wants to leave Twitter. But what made the great actress do this? After all, she had always said that she enjoyed singing.

Criticism never seems to have bothered Lena Dunham so much – until now! Because apparently the great actress and director is more affected by the constant headwind than expected. The 28-year-old had to deal with insults of all kinds, especially via Twitter, which seems to have been too much even for a cool personality like Lena Dunham. As he revealed to Ryan Seacrest at the “Golden Globes” yesterday, he apparently wants to leave the short message service.

Lena Dunham no longer wants to be insulted and threatened

For Lena Dunham, conventions and the like were before to break. For this reason, the creator of “Girls” not only had confidence in herself to the ends of her hair in her series, but neither did she shy away from playing with common ideals of beauty and reducing them to absurdity. Lena Dunham has never had a problem with some not receiving it all right.

Lena Dunham wants to protect herself

But with Death threats, insults and company. Understandably, even a tough superwoman like Lena Dunham wouldn’t want to bargain. “I want to protect myself, because people tell me what kind of cow I am and it threatens my lifeThe 28-year-old explained her decision to leave the intelligence service. In general, the type of criticism has bothered her more and more in recent months, revealed Lena Dunham: “There are also great things there, but when you read them you run into idiots who tell me that I belong under a pile of rocks. “

We have always wondered how Lena Dunham supports all the criticisms of her person and the way they portray her. Understandably, she is now pulling a tightrope when it comes to insults and death threats!Image Source: Frazer Harrison / Getty Images