Lena Gercke visita a niños en una favela brasileña

Lena Gercke visits children in a Brazilian favela

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wantedon 03/07/2014 | 10:00

Lena Gercke is currently in Brazil to cheer on and support her fiance Sami Khedira at the World Cup. But the successful top model doesn’t just take care of football there. Now Lena Gercke visited street children in a favela in Rio de Janeiro to draw attention to a Kindernothilfe project.

First of all, of course, Lena Gercke is currently in Brazil to support national player Sami Khedira, to whom she has been engaged since 2012. But Lena Gercke performs other duties in Brazil in addition to her role as a player’s wife. After the match against the United States, the top model visited one of the poorest neighborhoods in Rio de Janeiro.

Lena Gercke visited street children in a favela

Lena Gercke took care of the children who lived there in the Mangueirinha favela. He watched soccer with them and danced capoeira. Lena Gercke was very accessible and listened to the stories of children living in a neighborhood where drugs and crime are part of everyday life.Lena Gercke is the Kinderothilfe ambassador

With her visit, Lena Gercke wants to draw attention to a Kindernothilfe project, for which she works as an ambassador. The player’s wife spoke with “Grazia” about her experiences in the favela and emphasized that the children’s positive attitude towards life will be remembered above all: “People who have nothing, who have experienced violence in their families, who in He lives the street, but continues to radiate that enthusiasm for life. ” Lena Gercke repeatedly uses her celebrities for social purposes. You recently visited a children’s cancer ward.

Lena Gercke not only rests on her fame as a successful model, but uses her celebrities to defend those who have a more difficult life than her. Social engagement seems to be a matter of the heart of Lena Gercke. The Kindernothilfe ambassador not only takes care of street children in Brazil, but also children suffering from cancer. Thumbs up for so much commitment! Image Source: © Getty Images / Martin Rose