Lenovo solo está construyendo la cuarta tableta Chrome OS

Lenovo is only building the fourth Chrome OS tablet

Lenovo is only building the fourth Chrome OS tablet

Lenovo is working on a Chrome OS tablet that may be available for purchase next year.

Chromebooks are penny-a-dozen manufacturers, but the Chrome OS tablet offensive failed. Internationally, only Acer and ASUS offer a device each, Google’s Pixel Slate has barely left the United States. However, this idea was not completely ruled out, Lenovo even officially confirmed in advance these days.

Lenovo was looking for testers for Chrome OS tablets

In a public announcement, Lenovo searched for people who would like to test a new Chrome OS tablet. In the meantime, the announcement has been posted online, because Lenovo has selected people and will contact them accordingly. At least it looked like that for a short time, until Lenovo brought it up again. Currently, one is not sure who was responsible for the offer and is ending the program for now.

We intended to re-approve the post later, but it turned out that things were not the same as Lenovo and the program was canceled. Applicants should also be contacted by email with this information.

But that does not sound like a rejection of said tablet, it may see the light in the first fairs of January or end of February. There are already plenty of Chromebooks with touch, pure Chrome OS tablets can be counted on one hand.