Leonardo DiCaprio: ¿Otro nuevo?

Leonardo DiCaprio: Another new one?

Leonardo DiCaprio: Another new one?

Stuck with a model

Ulla breueron 02/26/2016 | 13:30

It was just said that Leonardo DiCaprio could target British presenter Laura Whitmore. Now he’s supposed to be hot again with another blonde: Roxy Horner is the name of the supposedly new woman on the star’s side of “The Revenant.”

Either Leonardo DiCaprio is currently changing his companions like his underpants, traveling on multiple tracks, or was never really interested in assigned host Laura Whitmore. According to “Page Six,” the Oscar contender should now surround himself with a woman whose name had not yet been mentioned in connection with him: Roxy Horner. A possible link is indicated by the fact that the lady fully corresponds to her prey scheme: young, blonde, attractive, and of course a model.

Leonardo DiCaprio causes a stir again with women’s stories

“They were together in London for two nights in a row at the Chiltern Fire Station, and Leo seemed to be paying close attention to it,” revealed an eyewitness from “Page Six.” So, a romantic dinner at the luxury hotel restaurant? Not at all, as Roxy Horner himself seemed to correct. As reported by the “New York Post” among others, it is said that the beautiful model commented on the supposed dinner in a series of mysterious tweets. “You can’t have a friend in the Hollywood industry without people assuming it’s more than that,” the Brit allegedly wrote before deleting the message.

Celebrity Dating History

If the rumor turns out to be true, Leonardo DiCaprio wouldn’t be the first prominent man to side with Roxy Horner. The 24-year-old has dated musician Taio Cruz in the past and apparently also her childhood friend, current British TV star Joey Essex. However, the “The Revenant” star’s last official relationship was with model Kelly Rohrbach. The separation took place in December last year. Since then, Leonardo DiCaprio has been caught partying with all kinds of beautiful and sometimes unknown women. Even a possible romance with Rihanna was back in the room.

Little by little, we don’t really understand what Leonardo DiCaprio and his countless love affairs are about. We prefer to focus on the upcoming Academy Awards and hopefully first prize for the mimes of “The Revenant.”

Image Source: Getty Images / Justin Tallis