Leonardo DiCaprio es fan de Tinder

Leonardo DiCaprio is a fan of Tinder

Leonardo DiCaprio is a fan of Tinder

Hot or not?

wanted04/29/2015 | 13:14

Even if only a few want to admit it: stars use dating apps like Tinder & Co. just like we do. Neusingle just announced to Hilary Duff that he is looking for a new man on Tinder. Now, a celebrity has discovered that they “clean up” for herself. And that is none other than Leonardo DiCaprio.

Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps of the time. It makes it possible to find singles quickly and easily in the area, and it has proven itself especially for one night stands. How appropriate that Heterosexual womanizer Leonardo DiCaprio now he has admitted to scrutinizing single women close to him from time to time.

Leonardo DiCaprio: Is he hiding under his hat on Tinder?

“Star” magazine reports that Leonardo DiCaprio did not register under his full name to prevent a riot. His Tinder name is Leonard. However, is it enough to alienate the name to distract yourself from your level of consciousness? After all, Tinder is mostly about the profile pictures … Apparently, the billionaire actor uses the dating app mostly “just for fun.” Leonardo DiCaprio is said to not have a date yet. But: “He’s obsessed with swiping women in and seeing who’s out there.”a source told Star.

Leonardo DiCaprio: Justin Bieber is your new partner?

Since Leonardo DiCaprio and German top model Toni Garrn broke up, the bachelor has been enjoying his single life again. Earlier in the year, the 40-year-old is said to have taken care of Rihanna; Queen R`nB` denied the rumors. In late March, Leo hit the slopes with Justin Bieber, apparently with great success.: The actor left the place at some point with several women in tow. Was it thanks to the singer, who was 20 years his junior? Leonardo DiCaprio seems to love Justin Bieber a lot, especially because of his many female friends.“He knows that Justin is dating a lot of models, so they obviously have a lot in common,” a source told OK! That’s why “The Wolf of Wall Street” star Justin Bieber is said to have declared himself his partner. Well, is that the right choice?

Too bad we don’t live in Hollywood otherwise we could log into Tinder and see if Leonardo DiCaprio would theoretically hang out with us. In any case, we would send the actor a clear message with a “swipe to the right”: You’re hot!

Image Source: Getty Images / Jesse Grant