Deja que tu cabello se agite en ondas altas

Let your hair wave in high waves

Let your hair wave in high waves

Tempting look

Caterina Schöneon 07/27/2017 | 11:47

With this hairstyle, you immediately get a fresh and irresistible look – strands tied tightly around the head in combination with voluminous waves. A real eye-catcher with which you can show individuality and sense of style, and a great trend for fall. We will explain step by step how this sophisticated and at the same time simple look can be achieved.

You could see it on the runway at Berlin Fashion Week, now you can easily recreate it at home: William’s fan look. Inspired by the fashion of young designer William Fan, Sebastian Professional’s urban design team developed a creative hairstyle that blends different decades. Remember the tightly twisted strands on the top of your head from the boy and girl band days? In William’s fan look, these casual retro laces from the 2000s blend into soft, open waves that celebrate his comeback in all shapes, whether soft or strong. An extravagant game between now and then, with it you will attract everyone’s attention.

Step by step tutorial for a cool fan style from William

The elegant hairstyle is very wearable and adapts to every hair structure, every face shape, every type of woman. The only requirement you must bring is at least shoulder length hair. If you fancy trying out the exciting look yourself at home, you will find step-by-step instructions in our image gallery. You can order all the products used in the Sebastian Professional online tutorial * or find them at the Sebastian Professional Salon * near you. Thanks to Sebastian Professional’s TWISTED collection, specially developed for wavy to curly hair, styling is much easier.

Looks created from the depths of the ocean

Of course, with TWISTED products you can design many more informal and relaxed looks. Regardless of which one you choose, whether it’s fully open waves with a casual out-of-bed look, sleek hairstyles with individually pulled curly locks, or wild, high-head ponytails with big curls, you always go for your hairstyle. Take advantage of the abilities of tangled underwater plants.

Yes, you read that correctly: the basis of the TWISTED hair technology are the vital substances characteristic of red algae. The Flexi-Alg ™ complex, a biological blend of seaweed extracts, adds more texture and depth to your waves, thereby providing unprecedented definition of wavy hair structure. Plus, the seaweed extract blend gives your waves more bounce and elasticity, as well as long-lasting hydration. The collection consists of a total of six hair and care products.

We hope we’ve lured you in with the mesmerizing Sebastian Professional hairstyle from Berlin Fashion Week to make a creative statement, try out unusual hair combinations, and emphasize your cool side. Let us know in the comments feature how you like the look, how you feel about it, and when you prefer to wear it.

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