Let's Dance: Alexander Klaws y Tanja Szewczenko en la final

Let’s Dance: Alexander Klaws and Tanja Szewczenko in the final

Let's Dance: Alexander Klaws and Tanja Szewczenko in the final

Let’s Dance

wantedon 05/24/2014 | 10:03

After Alexander Klaws clearly weakened in the last two “Let’s Dance” shows, everyone was already wondering if the jury favorite had already put on his best performance. On Friday night, however, the singer removed all doubts about his ability and delighted the jury and the audience in the semi-finals of “Let’s Dance” at the same time.

After seven “Let’s Dance” shows last night only Alexander Klaws, Tanja Szewczenko and Carmen Geiss were left to dance for the final. While Alexander Klaws and Tanja Szewczenko are the big favorites, Carmen Geiss seems to be right about his role in “Let’s Dance” when comparing him to David and Goliath.

“Let’s Dance”: Alexander Klaws and Tanja Szewczenko are in the final next week.

The “Let’s Dance” semi-finalists had to go on stage three times and it quickly became clear that Alexander Klaws had found his way back to his old form. Even the rather critical Joachim Llambi admitted, “You gave it your all here,” and gave almost every point with a nine in all three appearances. But Tanja Szewczenko also had a solid performance. While his first tango with Alex Clare’s “Too Close” was still described as “too violent”, “too hectic”, “too nervous” by the “Let’s Dance” jury, he did a beautifully executed Paso Doble to Madonna’s rhythm. “Frozen” points well.

“Let’s Dance”: Carmen Geiss also gave her all

But not only Alexander Klaws and Tanja Szewczenko convinced last night, it was also possible to see Carmen Geiss who gave it her all. As the “Let’s Dance” jury found out, Carmen Geiss’s appearance was a perfect match for the theme of the last song in the final dance, in which all the couples had to shake off the dance floor together; unfortunately, the song was “Breathless” by Helene Pescador. That is why Carmen Geiss had to say goodbye to “Let’s Dance” last night despite her loyal fans. In the final show, however, the TV star can still be admired. Here all the former participants have a great appearance again.

Although it can be argued that Carmen Geiss really remembered Bernhard Brink in “Let’s Dance” last night, as Joachim Llambi joked, it could be seen that all the couples did their best again. And now that Alexander Klaws has seemingly passed his low point, anticipation for an exciting finale to “Let’s Dance” next week is already building.

Image source: © RTL / Stefan GregorowiusAll information about `Let’s Dance` in the special RTL.de.