Let's Dance: Alexander Klaws se defiende

Let’s Dance: Alexander Klaws fights back

Unfair criticism!

wantedon 03/06/2014 | 12:09

Actually, with the winner of “Let’s Dance”, Alexander Klaws, all the posters should point to party and great joy. In the end, the reigning “Dancing Star” beat her strong competitor Tanja Szewczenko last Friday and was able to win the brilliant “Let’s Dance” finale.

For the second time in his life, Alexander Klaws can call himself the winner of a major RTL show. Because after the entire talent won the first season of “DSDS” in 2003, the musical star has now earned the title on “Let’s Dance,” and the 30-year-old has more than earned it!

Let’s Dance: Alexander Klaws can be proud of himself

However, after the victory in “Let’s Dance”, Alexander Klaws received not only praise but also bitter criticism. The dance talent faced the charge that he was a boring “Let’s Dance” candidate.. But Alexander Klaws doesn’t want to let that get on him. The winner of “Let’s Dance” commented on the negative headlines in recent days on Facebook.

Alexander Klaws speaks clear words

Alexander Klaws tries to defend himself from the press with a spicy statement and defend his victory in “Let’s Dance”: “In the following sentences I would like to greet several journalists in particular and thank them in particular for their attendance. I had to read a lot and laugh a lot this weekend! “, Thus the introductory words of Alexander Klaws, who immediately initiated the following blow:”However, I sincerely apologize for the fact that I had no nipples, flashes, or glides in the finale of Let’s Dance … […] Unfortunately, I only managed to set a boring points record and I have moved and touched millions of people with REAL emotions …“Alexander Klaws signed his account with the German press panorama with the ironic words” Your horrible boring dancing mouse !!! “

The common accusations that Alexander Klaws is a bore are really more than unjustified and we can absolutely understand that the winner of “Let’s Dance” is fighting back. After all, the 30-year-old not only showed his fighting spirit and enormous talent on “Let’s Dance,” but he also proved that you can get to the top without scandals: with talent, perseverance and affability. Smile in the face. Keep it up, Alex!

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Image source: © RTL / Stefan Gregorowius