Let's Dance: el candidato de DSDS canta para los bailarines

Let’s Dance: DSDS candidate sings for dancers

Let's Dance: DSDS Candidate Sings for Dancers


wantedon 04/23/2013 | 10:31

Great honor for Susan Albers: With “DSDS” she is on her way to the final and is becoming more and more the favorite. Now you can also sing “Let’s Dance” while one of the celebrities dances to your music!

For “DSDS” candidate Susan Albers, it was a big surprise: He was allowed to see the “Let’s Dance” studio over the weekend, was shown around by host Daniel Hartwich and met Sylvie van der Vaart. But that was by no means all for the avowed fan of the dance show, as Saturday’s “DSDS” audience saw.

Let’s Dance receives a new addition from DSDS candidate Susan Albers

“Let’s Dance” host Daniel Hartwich went one step further and invited Susan Albers to the next “Let’s Dance” show, on one condition! “If you get ahead of DSDS on this episode, then we’d like to invite you to sing on our show next week, live, here and while someone else dances it. If you want… ”, he suggested to the 28-year-old. “DSDS” candidate Susan Albers was delighted to be invited to sing on “Let’s Dance”.

Let’s Dance: Susan Albers is coming to visit

“How cool is that, please ?! A dream will come true for me, ”said the“ DSDS ”candidate with joy at her appearance on“ Let’s Dance ”. Since she easily made the jump to the next round of “DSDS” on Saturday, Susan Albers can be seen and heard on Friday on “Let’s Dance” and musically accompany one of the prominent dancers. It is not yet known who of the “Let’s Dance” candidates will have the honor of dancing to Susan Albers. Whoever it is, you can expect a very special lucky charm from Susan Albers, who will hopefully lead you to the next round of “Let’s Dance”.

Susan Albers changes from “DSDS” to “Let’s Dance”, at least for one night. We look forward to the appearance of the friendly singer! Maybe it will bring her even more fans who will call her on Saturday.

Image source: gettyimages / Sascha Steinbach