"Let's Dance": Joachim Llambi se adelanta a Laura Müller

“Let’s Dance”: Joachim Llambi gets ahead of Laura Müller

"Let's dance": Joachim Llambi gets ahead of Laura Müller

Strong language

Today is that moment again, it’s called: Let’s dance! Meanwhile, the thirteenth season brings 14 celebrities back to the dance floor. Also there: Laura Müller, the much debated friend of Michael Wendler. His participation seems to be a mystery and a thorn in the side not only for the fans, now the strict jury Joachim Llambi has also expressed his opinion about the influencer beforehand. And that’s not exactly positive.

Since her relationship with Michael Wendler became known in early 2019, 19-year-old Laura Müller has faced harsh criticism from haters and the media. Now she has to deal with the fact that one of the jurors doesn’t have a good photo of her beforehand. In an interview with “Bild”, Joachim Llambi expressed his “anger” and admitted harshly: “Laura Müller? I do not know.”

“It will generate attention on Instagram”

Anyone who thinks that Llambi’s claim that he didn’t know Laura was all wrong. The jury known for their sharp mouth did the same. Then he subliminally charged her to participate in the format to increase her popularity on social networks. Also, Wendler’s girlfriend would benefit from the fact that the show wasn’t about talking, Mr. Llambi, that’s pretty disgusting! Over and over again fans online complain about Laura Müller’s cute way of talking. That probably didn’t miss the former professional dancer either.

Of course, Joachim Llambi couldn’t help but drop another piece of advice in the direction of Wendler’s participation in “Let’s Dance”: “If she dances like him, she will go even faster. That was horror of the power of 17, which was ashamed of others ”. Regardless, he made it clear: if she could perform well on the dance floor, he would give her a good score. He does not care whose girlfriend is and what image Laura gives in public, for him only what he sees on the show counts.

Group dances have been decided for the introductory show

Tonight there will be a great introductory show with all the participants and professional dancers. Laura Müller will dance salsa along with Tijan Njie and Lili Paul-Roncalli in the group. While the other participants have to face the tango, the cha cha cha, the fast step and the Viennese waltz. We’ll take a look at Joachlim Llambi’s facial features as he watches Laura dance.

Candidates will meet their royal partners for the remainder of the show tonight at 8:15 pm RTL. If you miss the show, you can retrospectively watch it on TV NOW online with a 30-day free trial subscription * and watch other series before anyone else.

Take a look at all the candidates for this year’s “Let’s Dance” season:

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