Let's Dance: fuera por Jürgen Milski

Let’s Dance: Out by Jürgen Milski

Let's Dance: Out by Jürgen Milski

Let’s Dance

wantedthe 04/05/2013 | 11:07

Last night samba and foxtrot were on the “Let’s Dance” program. An obstacle that Jürgen Milski missed. Ballermannsinger honestly struggled through his samba performance, but in the end none of this was of any use to him.

At fourth show of “Let’s Dance” The stars of the dance had to prove last night who puts the fiery samba or the coolest foxtrot on the floor. Some celebrities were doing more harm than good – at least that’s the opinion of the expert jury.

Jürgen Milski danced for the last time yesterday in Let’s Dance

Last night’s first dance performance with Jürgen Milski’s “Let’s Dance” caused more head shaking than applause. The singer tried really hard, but yesterday there wasn’t much to do with the swing of her hips and the sense of rhythm.. But it didn’t really get better. Then Manuela Wisbeck danced on the floor of “Let’s Dance”. However, he could not convince with his performance: “Nothing but antics”, “dead pants”, “shit” – so the overwhelming criticism from the jury. After these two performances, Jürgen Milski and Manuela Wisbeck had to tremble at the end of the evening. Jürgen Milski didn’t get enough calls, so the dance competition is over for him.

Let’s Dance: these stars convinced

After an unconvincing start for the “Let’s Dance” stars, things got better: Simone Ballack, Paul Janke and Sila Sahin impressed with their performances and were praised by the jury. The best score of yesterday’s “Let’s Dance” evening was achieved by Sila Sahin, but he has to share first place with Paul Janke.

We think it’s a shame “Let’s Dance” is over for Jürgen Milski. But you always have to eliminate someone. We are curious to see which celebrity he will meet in the next round!Image Source: RTL / Stefan Gregorowius

Information about “Let’s Dance” in the RTL.de special.