Vamos a bailar: Sila Sahin sigue bailando

Let’s dance: Sila Sahin keeps dancing

Let's dance: Sila Sahin keeps dancing

One more round

wantedthe 06/04/2013 | 13:50

Last Friday night the time had finally come! The new season of the popular dance show “Let’s Dance” is finally here. “GZSZ” actress Sila Sahin put on a great performance.

And thanks to her excellent performance Sila Sahin may be happy that she will also be able to swing on the dance floor at the next “Let’s Dance” show.

Sila Sahin danced another round in “Let’s Dance”

While Sila Sahin and you Dance partner Christian Polanc harmonized in the parquet, could Gülcan Kamps did not convince the judges of “Let’s Dance” of his performance. It was the first and last “Let’s Dance” show for the former “Viva” host. For Sila Sahin that means that he already has one less competitor, fighting for victory in the popular dance show.

Sila Sahin kicks shorter for “Let’s Dance” on “GZSZ”

Besides Sila Sahin, the actor is still in the running for the title of “Let’s Dance” Manuel Cortez, the “Bachelor” Paul Janke, the actor Tetje Mierendorf, the pop singer Jürgen Milski and the actress Manuela Wisbeck. But also Balian Buschbaum, Marijke Amado and former footballer Simone Ballack It will be seen again on the next “Let’s Dance” live show. A total of eight dance tournaments will now be on view.

Who will win at the end of “Let’s Dance”? Can Sila Sahin beat her competition thanks to her many years of experience in ballet?

Image source: gettyimages / Andreas Rentz