Bailemos: ¡hay primeras lesiones!

Let’s dance: there are first injuries!

Let's dance: there are first injuries!

Hard training

wantedon 03/27/2013 | 12:47

In recent seasons, some stars had to experience first-hand that “Let’s Dance” is not a picnic for celebrities. Even before season six begins, the first injuries must be reported: Simone Ballack has suffered a shoulder injury.

The sixth season of “Let’s Dance” begins on April 5. Then the celebrities wander the floor alongside their professional dancers. So that they can convince the jury around Joachim Llambi and Jorge Gonzales of their performance, all the stars train hard before the start of the show. Also Simone Ballack, the ex-wife of former national soccer player Michael Ballack. Together with her dance partner Erich Klann, the 37-year-old practices various dances and figures. Especially the lifting figures represent a great challenge for the candidate of “Let’s Dance” Simone Ballack because she injured her shoulder.

Simone Ballack and her dance partner train for “Let’s Dance”!

“My shoulder is bandaged and my physiotherapist is always with me”, Simone Ballack revealed to the newspaper “Bild”. The pain also accompanies her during the rest of the training, but despite her injury, Simone Ballack has a clear goal in mind with “Let’s Dance”: “Of course we want to win!”

“Let’s Dance”: celebrities are preparing at full speed

Simone Ballack is carefully preparing for her premiere on “Let’s Dance” and is upset that she wasn’t more diligent as a teenager. “When I was 13 I took a dance class. We did everything, but we didn’t dance… This is taking its toll now! “reveals the 37-year-old. Since they are not used to spinning around the track, the risk of injury for “Let’s Dance” candidates is particularly high. Not only Simone Ballack, but also her competitors Sila Sahin, Jürgen Milski and Marijke Amado are in the middle of training for their performance in “Let’s Dance,” but fortunately none of the budding dancers have been seriously injured yet.

The new season of “Let’s Dance” will begin soon and we can’t wait to admire the dancing skills of Simone Ballack and her competition. Until then, of course, we hope that no celebrities get injured, after all, the show should be mostly fun!

Image source: gettyimages / Dominik Bindl