En lugar de LG G9: la nueva gama media premium llegará en mayo

LG G9 looks like its predecessor, but with 4 cameras instead of 2

Instead of LG G9: the new premium mid-range will arrive in May

LG will soon show its new G9 smartphone, which, visually at least, has almost no difference from its predecessor. But many more cameras.

Before the presentation, there is a first look at the new LG G9, which will soon inherit the LG G8X. Visually, the newer G9 hardly differs from its direct predecessor, but we still discovered a surprising new feature on the back of the upcoming flagship smartphone. As the first graphs show, the new LG G9 has twice as many cameras on the back. Four instead of two main cameras, after which the V40 and G8S already had three cameras. Three, two, four – strange order.

The other immediately visible details also include a jack connection at the bottom that is still present. Otherwise, only a few innovations are known, but none can be seen at first glance. In any case, current high-end hardware can be expected under the hood. Not much is known about this yet. We will definitely learn more in the coming weeks. Today it is clear that LG would like to offer a case that includes another OLED screen.

LG G9 in a first video