LG Velvet: nuevo smartphone centrado en el diseño

LG reveals the design language of new smartphones

LG Velvet: new smartphone focused on design

LG is planning new smartphones for the premium middle class, the LG G9 is getting a successor and this one has a new design language.

In recent years, LG had brought quite a bit of uniformity up front. Small experiments were quickly discarded, the V series could not be distinguished from the G series at the end. However, LG wants to strike again and it definitely needs some changes. This also includes a new design for your own Android smartphones. LG has now introduced one of these as LG’s new design language.

The goal is to offer a sophisticated style for the senses.

For example, LG is not following the trend of carrying huge camera protectors on the back. Instead, the cameras should be placed as deep as possible in the housing, as best as possible. An example is a triple camera arranged vertically in size. The component only protrudes slightly over the back of the modules for which it is required. All other components are sunk into the glass on the back. Visually, the design should evoke images of raindrops falling on us.

For other items, LG relies on current trends. The screen and the back will curve into each other to minimize sharp edges and create a more natural feel for your hands. With the sketches, LG is already showing what to expect.

LG kept talking about the next device, so we are expecting this design for the successor to the LG G9. If the premium middle class is rumored to be coming in May, fit the schedule to start drumming now.