LG Velvet Skizze

LG Velvet is shown in an official video, with more technical details

LG Velvet Skizze

In the spring, LG was one of the first large companies to announce its withdrawal from the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona. Official reason: the rampant coronavirus. But even after the world’s largest mobile communications trade show, the South Korean electronics company remained surprisingly calm when it came to smartphone innovations. Only the LG V60 ThinQ 5G was listed in world magazines with a view to new releases. Since then, the 5G cell phone was introduced six weeks ago, very little has changed. Until now.

LG Velvet – Let the Attack Begin

In recent days there have been repeated rumors about a new LG smartphone that should come from LG’s Chocolate range. LG Chocolate? Isn’t that something? Right! LG’s first chocolate phone was introduced in 2006, with a sleek slider mechanism and fiery red sensor buttons. It was stylish and looked good on LG. But the supposed return of chocolate probably won’t work. Because LG itself brought out the candle rumor with an advertisement for the company.

It says: The next LG smartphone will be called the LG Velvet. It is a leader and focuses on elegant and tactile design. Tactile? The Duden defines this infrequently used adjective with the words “relating to the sense of touch.” And LG itself goes on to announce that the new LG smartphone is characterized by a unique “raindrop” camera and a fluid, symmetrical form factor. It is pleasant both to the eye and to the touch.

LG Velvet

The best marketing formulas LG chooses to make tech enthusiasts and mobile phone fans curious about the successor to the LG G series. It remains to be seen if anything can be derived from the name itself. The fact is that Velvet means “cotton velvet with a smooth surface”; at this point, the Duden dictionary should also be consulted. And a velvety surface would actually be an innovation in the smartphone market.

LG makes the Velvet official in a video

Even before the official presentation, the LG Velvet has now been presented in a teaser video. And in this short film it is clear what the South Korean manufacturer means by the “raindrop” camera. Because the cameras on the rear go from top to bottom, from big to small. If you look at a raindrop on a panel, it should look upside down, but that’s okay.

The LG Korea video also makes it clear that the LG Velvet has rounded screen edges. Overall, the design (3D Arc Design) looks very high quality and definitely makes you want more. In addition to a USB-C port, there is also a headphone port on the bottom. On the front, the screen is interrupted by a recess in the shape of a drop of water. The selfie camera is built in there.

Other features include 5G support and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 as the centerpiece. Therefore, it is clear that the LG Velvet is not a flagship model, but a mid-range smartphone. Details on pricing are not yet clear.

New presentation in May?

When exactly will the LG Velvet celebrate its world premiere? It’s not clear. LG has yet to reveal anything about it. It is speculated on May 15. However, this has yet to be officially confirmed. More technical details on the step-by-step LG Velvet are expected to be released in the coming weeks. A strategy that LG has already followed with other flagship smartphones.