LG quiere continuar la serie V con pantalla dual y 5G

LG wants to continue the V series with dual screen and 5G

LG wants to continue the V series with dual screen and 5G

LG wants to continue with its V series next spring, but the first rumors do not sound like innovative high-end smartphones.

LG is barely present in the smartphone market, the South Korean manufacturer plays a secondary role. This has to do with the fact that LG has produced few innovations recently. That shouldn’t change much in spring 2020, because then the new LG V60 ThinQ is reportedly coming from Asia. Not only should this strange surname remain, the more recently implemented dual-screen strategy remains an integral part of LG’s flagship smartphones.

V60: LG continues like this now?

At LG, however, the dual screen does not mean setting a device with two screens. Instead, there is a perfectly normal Android smartphone, which can be equipped with an additional OLED screen via a case. Optional. So it was not and is not really a particularly blatant innovation. Virtually anyone could recreate it. All the smartphone makers are now rolling out 5G anyway.

So we hope LG doesn’t just reissue a V50 and present a bit more. At the very least, the recently flawed strategy is unlikely to drive sales. However, industry insiders also say that LG wants to sell more smartphones again in Asia and America. LG wants to show its new hardware at the Mobile World Congress in February, we will undoubtedly discover more in advance through leaks.

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