Android mejora la compatibilidad con teléfonos inteligentes de doble pantalla: Chrome permite que las pestañas se muevan a otra pantalla

LG wants to offer smartphones with a wow factor

LG wants to celebrate a comeback, that is, with black numbers in the annual report. The surprise factors in the new smartphones should guarantee that.

HTC, Sony, LG, and some other smartphone makers have lost a lot of ground in recent years. There are many reasons for that. At LG, among other things, there were hardly any innovative or exciting smartphones recently. Instead, there were only a few South Korean adjustments to the uniformity of other manufacturers. The clear features gradually disappeared. However, the surprising news comes from LG that its own smartphone department should become profitable again.

LG brings the surprise to its own smartphones

A senior employee was also able to reveal how the manufacturer of all types of home appliances should succeed. LG promises exciting new features that can inspire consumers. He wants to return to work profitably until next year. How exactly these quirks and amazing factors might look like is left to our imagination for the moment. A case with a second screen, as with last year’s high-end devices, is not one of them for me.

LG was one of the first manufacturers to offer an ultra-wide-angle camera, but it didn’t become a must-have “back then.” The unique features of the power button on the back have simply been removed. LG smartphones have recently caught up with devices from other manufacturers, but not in a positive sense.

Korea Times