Liam: ¿Es todo cálculo?

Liam: Is it all calculation?

Liam: Is it all calculation?

“Everyone doubted Liam’s true love for Miley, except for herself.”reveals inside information. Due to Miley’s fame, the Australian wanted to look better and also confessed that “His career has been much more exciting since he was with her“, Is reported. “Everyone lies!”, the actor justifies himself.

The fact is, however, that Liam Hemsworth met two blondes at a Huntington Beach hotel bar. He was clearly enjoying the girls’ attention. One of the two is said to have particularly impressed him. He should be with Katy, a tall and surprisingly pretty girl.

Happy Three-part kit they moved to the hotel spending the night together. Even if nothing has been confirmed from Liam, after Separation pain It doesn’t sound like that either! Or is this Liam’s way of getting revenge on Miley? She must have also heard the rumors about her new lover, Douglas Booth.

Can you imagine Liam being so calculating? Why did you break up? Liam already has a new girlfriend?