Liam Payne confirma: Louis Tomlinson será papá

Liam Payne confirms: Louis Tomlinson will be dad

Liam Payne confirms: Louis Tomlinson will be dad

No fake

wantedthe 11/09/2015 | 17:37

It was all a lie! One Direction star Liam Payne is now clearing up the rumor that his bandmate Louis Tomlinson won’t actually be a father, and with clear words. You don’t understand false accusations.

“He is very happy to be a father,” explains Liam Payne. in the magazine “Attitude” and asks: “The funny thing is that there are people who really believe that it is false that Louis got Briana pregnant.” So it seems that some fans don’t really want it. Realize that Louis Tomlinson had a son with a girl.

Liam Payne is concerned about the rumors

“That is not true. This is an attempt to cover up, ”Liam Payne quotes various voices, and doesn’t find it funny at all. “That’s exactly the shit that gets into my kidneys. But you have to shut up and that’s okay too, ”said the One Direction member. Not all One Direction fans are excited about the fact that he brought up Louis Tomlinson’s future paternity in an interview with gay magazine.

Liam Payne is behind Louis Tomlinson

Some reacted really stung to Liam Payne’s statements, as “Mirror” reports. He didn’t actually have to bring it up, the interview was about him. Apparently some would rather believe that Louis Tomlinson will remain childless. At first, the 23-year-old found it very difficult to accept the news of the baby.

Louis Tomlinson found it difficult

After all, according to media reports, he’s not even with Briana Jungwirth, the mother of his son, and he has no plans to change that. “It’s obviously a very exciting time, so I’m very happy,” he stated briefly in an interview with “Good Morning America” ​​some time ago. Liam Payne had previously revealed that his friend found the situation quite difficult to handle at first.

Instead of nasty false accusations, Louis Tomlinson could probably use the support of his fans. You will definitely get a thumbs up from us!

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