Instagram y Messenger: ahora el cross-chat es concreto, WhatsApp aún tiene que esperar

Lidl Connect: discount provider with more data volume now

Instagram and Messenger: now cross-chat is concrete, WhatsApp still has to wait

Lidl is changing its smartphone rates and increasing the volume of data on all offers.

Lidl Connect is increasing the data volume of its own smartphone tariffs on the Vodafone network at the beginning of the year. Effective immediately, the prepaid rate provider is offering significantly higher data volume across all rates, which is primarily a response to Aldi Talk’s similarly improved rates. Only the Smart XS tariff has received a relatively weak upgrade from 750MB to 1GB. On all other rates, there is now 1 more GB available for the 4 week billing period.

Lidl is improving all Connect fares offered

  • 1GB for € 4.99
  • 3GB for € 7.99
  • 5GB for € 12.99
  • 7GB for € 17.99

Lidl rates continue to be broadcast on the Vodafone network and are billed again every four weeks. The basis is prepaid, so a thirteenth month is added per year based on the 4-week bill. Apart from the Smart XS rate, all other options include a flat rate for the entire network for telephony and SMS.