Lily Allen: flashes de mama en el festival

Lily Allen: Breast flashes at the festival

Lily Allen: Breast flashes at the festival

Breast flashing lights

wantedon 08/19/2014 | 12:43

It’s been known for a long time that Lily Allen has it all behind her ears. Not only her daring lyrics speak for themselves: the Briton posts provocative photos on Instagram from time to time. Lily Allen showed her chest at her last concert. Coincidence or calculation?

Naughty naughty Lily Allen! The British pop singer recently performed at the “V Festival” in Hylands Park, England, and caused a sensation there. With her hair dyed red, her usual eye-catching makeup, and a wide-cut silver jumpsuit, she caught everyone’s attention, especially her breasts.

Lily Allen keeps the crowd happy

The 29-year-old actually wanted to play the new songs from her album “Sheezus,” which was released in May, and get the crowd cheering, but especially her male fans got their money’s worth more than originally expected. : To cheer up the crowd, Lily Allen left the zipper of her outfit open. Only a small gold chain covered most of her cleavage, which sparkled underneath. In some poses, however, it was noted that the “Hard Out Here” performer was not wearing a bra. And so her breasts flashed from time to time between the open heart neckline.

Lily Allen is promoting it

Lily Allen continued her performance without being disturbed. It is not known if there was a calculated provocation behind her appearance or if her breasts flashed by chance. According to “” the singer is touring Europe and the United States until the end of this year to promote her album. The sexy appearance offered a good opportunity to kickstart the publicity for his album “Sheezus.” The Brit knows a lot about crazy concert appearances. He was recently on tour with Miley Cyrus. It is well known that his provocative appearances lead to discussion. Lily Allen must have cut a part of the attitude of her singing colleague.

Lily Allen causes a stir with the flash on her chest. Even if those “show interludes” are definitely nothing new, they always have an impact. Lily Allen just knows how to keep fans happy.

Image Source: Getty Images / Ian Gavan