Lily Allen: apoyo musical para el equipo inglés

Lily Allen: musical support for the English team

Bass like home!

wantedthe 04/06/2014 | 11:17

It’s almost time! Soccer fans around the world only have to wait two weeks for the first match of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil to start. The first football anthems of this extraordinary event have been playing on the radio for a long time and invite you to sing and dance. Another musical contribution, which at first surprises a bit, now comes from England. Lily Allen has decided to support the English team with a new catchy tune.

Lily Allen posted her ‘unofficial World Cup song’ for the England team on the song-sharing portal ‘SoundCloud’ and surprised even her most loyal fans with the new track. The singer was not expected to have such enthusiasm for the popular sport. But if you listen to “Bass Like Home” more closely, it quickly becomes clear that Lily Allen didn’t have to have a lot of specialized knowledge to compose the song and provide it with lyrics.

Lily Alen supports the English team with a song

As befits a fan song, the text and melody are very catchy, but they are not about soccer or the World Cup in Brazil. Instead, Lily Allen recommends all football fans to toast the Queen with a beer and explains the achievements the world owes to the British Kingdom.. Who gave you Shakespeare? Who gave you melons? We gave you Gazza, we twisted your melons. God save the Queen with a pint of beer. I’ve been around here, there’s nowhere I’d rather be, ”Lily Allen sings in her latest work, for example.

Lily Allen: Even her father published World Cup anthems

If you look at the singer’s family tree, it was only a matter of time before Lily Allen released a football song. His father, actor and comedian Keith Allen, attempted to make a musical contribution to the 1998 World Cup in France, which turned out to be a real success. The music for “Vindaloo” was written by Blur bassist Alex James, and Allen contributed lyrics. The song that Lily Allen’s father composed was intended as a parody of all football songs, but later became a true cult hit.

Surprise! We didn’t know Lily Allen before as a soccer fan. It’s great that he’s now showing us his sporty side and entertaining fans with a casual summer hit. Hopefully, he will follow his father’s lead so that his song will also rise to the top of the charts.

Image source: Images by Dave J. Hogan / getty