Lily Collins: ¿está recién enamorada?

Lily Collins: is she just in love?

Lily Collins: is she just in love?

Love birds

wantedthe 11/05/2014 | 12:21

Who is the handsome man who did not leave Lily Collins’ side a few days ago while she was walking through West Hollywood? Is the bearded brunette the actress’s new lover?

Lily Collins is officially single, but that’s sexy partner, with whom the cute actress took a walk in West Hollywood a few days ago, does not seem at all contrary to it.

Lily Collins is said to be newly in love

Photos of the alleged couple, including “,” show that Lily Collins did not let her alleged boyfriend stop her from making calls, but the 25-year-old looks happy and satisfied. Lily Collins is just in love? And who is the dark-haired man who seems to make Phil Collins’ daughter happy?

Lily Collins appears with her photographer

As “” reports, this is about Matt Easton’s beautiful Lily Collins companion. The British photographer and the beautiful actress have been spotted together several times recently. So something really seems to be happening there! Whether on a motorcycle ride or a ride through West Hollywood, Lily Collins and Matt Easton seem to have no problem with sweet love rumors!

Lily Collins would indulge in a new love after several failed relationships with other actors! Anyone who shines this good must have butterflies in their stomach! We can understand it, with the sexy partner …Image Source: Vittorio Zunino Celotto / Getty Images