Lily: Victoria es un monstruo

Lily: Victoria is a monster

Lily: Victoria is a monster

“The Beckhams make me sick. Everyone knows that Victoria is a monster. I’d rather shoot myself in the eyes than become a footballer “cursed the British singer Iily Allen (latest single “Not Fair”) in an interview with the French soccer magazine “SoFoot”.

Lily seems to point to soccer wives: Victoria Beckhamwho have played with the professional footballer David beckham being married is not your only victim. Also for the soccer couple Ashley and Cheryl Cole Lily has nothing left: “She is a bitch. It represents everything I hate. It is stupid, superficial and ugly inside and out.

Victoria Beckham was now on the jury alongside Heidi & Co. at Germany’s Next Topmodel. Did you find it nice?

The video and all the information about Lily Allen’s new single “Not Fair” are at Mä!