Lindsay Lohan: ¿Otro error de Photoshop?

Lindsay Lohan: Another Photoshop bug?

Lindsay Lohan: Another Photoshop bug?


wantedon 01/26/2015 | 11:40

It seems that Lindsay Lohan’s career is finally history. At least as far as the movie business is concerned, because with her other talent of unwittingly teasing herself over and over again, Lindsay Lohan still makes headlines …

Lindsay Lohan was once a star

Gone are the days when Lindsay Lohan excelled in movies like “A Twin Rarely Comes Alone” or “Girls Club: Beware of Bites.” The 28-year-old is still around, but has obviously made it her mission to draw attention to herself with as many scandals and ill-considered actions as possible. Today we can announce two pieces of news from Lindsay Lohan, which elicits both a shake of the head and a small smile. What has the scandalous noodle done again?

Lindsay Lohan appeared in court more frequently. Alcohol and drugs almost always played a role, and the former movie star had to answer for large debts. Interestingly, many of these conflicts involved a car that was sometimes drunk and other times driven without a license. Lindsay Lohan’s latest job offer is even more ironic: According to “TMZ,” the redhead is now supposed to advertise car insurance. According to rumors, he is supposed to show his familiar face to the company “Esurance” to publicize the advice of clients.

Lindsay Lohan is caught cheating

Lindsay Lohan is very skinny

Lindsay Lohan has always turned heads! With her red hair, big eyes, and sexy curves, the men lay at her feet and she was sure the girls were looking at them with envy. But over the years his appearance changed. Lindsay Lohan bleached her hair and grew thinner and thinner. The most incomprehensible is the last photo that the former actress and singer posted on Instagram. His chest is clearly visible and his stomach and waist are almost non-existent. Rumors of anorexia need not spread, however, because an attentive observer noticed a strange deformation of the bottles alongside Lindsay Lohan. Someone helped with Photoshop, although It-Girl is one of the last people who needs something like that.

How we would like to announce another good news about Lindsay Lohan, but it does not make it easy for us! With her ill-considered actions, she engages in conversation over and over again and ensures that the external shame factor keeps increasing. What should become of Lindsay Lohan?

Image 1 Source: Getty Images / John Phillips Image 2 Source: Instagram / Lindsay Lohan