Lindsay Lohan está creciendo

Lindsay Lohan is growing up

Lindsay Lohan is growing up

Grown up at last

wantedon December 16, 2014 | 10:50

Lindsay Lohan is one of the most scandalous celebrities in Hollywood, but now it should be over. She is fleeing the United States so that she can lead a quieter life in Europe. According to her own statements, Lindsay Lohan now wants to grow up, where did the change of opinion come from?

This news surprises us a lot: one of the most famous faces in the United States is turning his back on Hollywood. A star who decides to leave all fame and life behind is quite unusual, but Lindsay Lohan has every reason to do so. It’s been some time since the now 28-year-old was acclaimed by her fans and couldn’t save herself from cinematic bargains. Since Lindsay Lohan became a star as a child, she hasn’t made all the positive headlines., but now he seems to want to change that.

Lindsay Lohan closes the doors behind Hollywood

What must happen for a young woman who has celebrated great success in the movie business to become a fallen star causing scandal after scandal? Maybe Lindsay Lohan asked this question a lot, because she hasn’t seen it on the big screen in a long time. Instead, Lindsay Lohan repeatedly makes a name for herself with substance abuse, alcohol accidents, and prison terms. But that should finally end. The New Yorker leaves home behind to start a new life without negative headlines.

Lindsay Lohan can now be free

Since Lindsay Lohan obviously fails to change her life in Hollywood, she was drawn to London a few weeks ago. Now there are thousands of miles between her and her scandal-filled past, so she has enough distance to embark on a positive future. As Lindsay Lohan revealed to The Guardian, she particularly likes one aspect of her new home: “I love the BBC. I haven’t even heard my name on TV since I’ve been here. That’s really unusual for me, but also great. ” Lindsay Lohan seems to have made a firm decision to turn the old me around, because she also explains: “Every morning when I go for a run, I think my friends from New York are still there partying. I had to grow up and London is a better place to do that. “ It seems that the it girl is taking a step in the right direction.

Should it really be the case that Lindsay Lohan disappeared from the face of Hollywood? Very possible, because the actress seems to have understood after the last years that she cannot continue like this. Lindsay Lohan’s new path is still in the stars, but we wish her every success in her new life in London.

Image Source: Getty Images / John Phillips