Lindsay Lohan: ¿pronto será una estrella del baile?

Lindsay Lohan: Will You Soon Be A Prom Star?

Dance challenge

wantedon 08/29/2014 | 10:48

One, two, pass! Tabloid magazine “” claims to have found out that Lindsay Lohan is being treated as a hot candidate for the American dance talent show “Dancing With The Stars”. Will we soon see the 28-year-old actress jumping down the runway?

After Lindsay Lohan made a few attempts in the recent past to jump-start her career again, the participation of “Dancing With The Stars” would be a very welcome opportunity. With the American counterpart to “Let’s Dance,” the once highly successful Hollywood actress was finally able to show what she can do. In addition to many negative headlines, winning the famous disco ball trophy could have a very good effect on Lindsay Lohan’s fresh start without any fuss …

Lindsay Lohan is supposed to be on “Dancing With The Stars”

According to reports from “HollywoodLife” magazine, the show’s format should prompt Lindsay Lohan to take to the dance floor. According to inside information, the “Freaky Friday” star is even number one on the celebrity wish list. In return, the 28-year-old is offered something for the dance performance. The interesting thing about the nineteenth season of the dance show is that a special candidate has already been chosen: none other than Jonathan Bennett, 33 years old.

Lindsay Lohan: Will you be on “Dancing With The Stars”?

Will Lindsay Lohan be happy about the acceptance of her fellow “Girl`s Club” actor? After all, “Cady Heron” and “Aaron Samuels” got pretty close in the teen strip. “Dancing With The Stars” could offer the former movie couple a second prom on the dance floor in front of an audience of millions. Despite the attempted romantic reunion of “Girl`s Club” actors Lindsay Lohan and Jonathan Bennet, the red-haired singer’s chances of taking part don’t seem good. Online magazine “HollywoodLife” appears to have heard from someone close that Lindsay Lohan’s approval is still pending. However, the casting show would do its best to convince the New Yorker to participate.

Lindsay Lohan has always been good at dancing, but mostly out of place. It will soon be clear if Lindsay Lohan will be on “Dancing With The Stars.” If the actress really wants to work on her image, going on a show would certainly be a great way to show herself from a different side. Lindsay Lohan could definitely benefit from positive publicity.

Image Source: Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images for Clear Channel