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Lionel Richie: Memories of Princess Diana Make You Cry

Moved to tears

wantedthe 07/06/2015 | 14:42

It was a moving moment for superstar Lionel Richie when suddenly, for the first time in many years, he stood in front of the now-grown Prince William. The two, Lionel Richie reported to British newspaper “The Sun”, were exchanging memories of the late Princess of Wales when the pop star suddenly realized that her feelings were overwhelming and that she had to fight back tears.

“His mother and I were very good friends,” said the 66-year-old singer about his relationship with the “Princess of Hearts”, who died in 1997. The reason for the meeting with Prince William was a concert that Lionel Richie gave at the Festival from Glastonbury last week. When Prince William suddenly stood in front of him, Lionel Richie took the opportunity to confess his feelings to his ex-girlfriend’s son.: “I congratulated him on becoming such a great young man. I told him that I was sure that his mother would have been very proud of him, as his father and the rest of his family surely will be now. ”

Lionel Richie: meeting Prince William moved him to tears

The idea that Prince William had made his mother so happy moved Lionel Richie so much that he could no longer control his emotions. “I couldn’t help it: I cried when I saw it.” Lionel Richie has certainly thought of Williams’ charitable work, which also had top priority for his mother Diana. The young monarch can also be proud of his family. The latest addition to the family, daughter Charlotte, is even nicknamed Diana, in memory of the deceased grandmother.

Lionel Richie keeps the memory of his late girlfriend aliveA few weeks ago Lionel Richie had dedicated his song “Hello” to Princess Diana during a concert. “He once told me this is his favorite song,” the singer told his audience at the time, according to “Hello” magazine. Lionel Richie had met the princess many years ago at one of her concerts.when Diana was only 25 years old.

It is beautiful and moving to see that Lionel Richie has not forgotten his friendship with Princess Diana, even after so many years, and continues to monitor whether his children are okay. We agree that Princess Diana would have been proud of her William.

Image Source: © Getty Images / Chris Radburn