Laca de labios: intensa como una barra de labios, suave como un brillo

Lip lacquer: intense like a lipstick, smooth like a gloss


wantedthe 08/10/2014 | 17:18

Can’t decide between lip gloss and lipstick in front of the mirror in the morning? Then a lip lacquer might be what you need. Because this unites both products and ensures an ultra-bright kissable mouth in vivid colors. You can find out here and in our image gallery how to wear lacquers most effectively, who they are suitable for and what trends are currently in fashion.

For many years, matte lips were the ultimate, be it on the catwalks at international fashion weeks, with the stars and stars on the red carpet, or in glossy magazines. However, for a season it has been allowed to be a bit more: bright colors are now combined with bright textures. If you don’t want to laboriously apply a lipstick and then a sheer gloss on top, use a lipstick.

Everything you need to know about lip lacquer

The lipsticks are characterized by a high color pigmentation like a lipstick, while the texture shines like a lip gloss without sticking, because they are enriched with nourishing argan oil and vitamin E and are also free of parabens . The thick paint is applied with the help of a sponge or brush applicator. Unlike lip gloss, lip lacquers do not forgive imprecise application because the color is not transparent but opaque. Therefore, it is advisable to previously delineate the lips with a transparent lip liner or with the color of the lip lacquer so that the color does not run out.

The look at the lips of statement

It is indisputable that lipsticks put lips in the spotlight like no other product. After all, color and shine work together and show their full effect. Striking lips are best seen with a natural makeup consisting of an even complexion, a delicate blush, lightly tinted dark brown lashes, and a soft nude eye area. If you want to use the lipstick a bit more discreetly, you can use a little trick and simply dab over the middle of the lips and carefully blend it with your finger.

The trend nuances of the moment

This season everything revolves around dark and mystical shades of colors, which can be made even more evident with a lip lacquer. A warm violet or strong burgundy red are particularly popular right now and look exciting and mysterious on a pale winter complexion. Those who do not want to be guided by the nuances of the current trend can rely on classics such as a fiery red tone or soft tones in nude.

Discover the most beautiful lipsticks of the season in our image gallery and find your favorites now.