Delineador de labios: ¿sí o no?  Cuando usar el lápiz de contorno

Lip liner: yes or no? When to use the contour pencil

Lip liner: yes or no?  When to use the contour pencil

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Lip liner is to lipstick what primer is to foundation or base coat to nail polish. That being said, it’s not really necessary, but in the end it makes the lipstick look better and last longer. However, lip liner is not as widespread as its makeup little brother, primer. There are few women who faithfully swear by their lip liner, while many others deliberately avoid contour pencil. We’ve rounded up the best arguments why you should start wearing lip liner here and in our image gallery. Let yourself be convinced.

Lip liners are good for correcting the shape of your lips and making the lipstick last longer on the same breath. Applying a lip liner also prevents lipstick from seeping into tiny wrinkles on the lips. So that the drawn outline doesn’t look too harsh, you can clean the line a little softer with the lip brush after applying the pencil. Here are our four good reasons why you should get lip liner today:

1. If you have very narrow or uneven lips

You don’t need to wear lipstick with your lip liner. Do you have particularly narrow lips and long for a fuller mouth? Then try this trick: line your mouth with a contour pencil that is a little darker than the natural color of your lips, the emphasis here is on the word “touch”. Complete the rest with a tinted lip balm, which is also just a very subtle color shade. Your lips will look fuller and more defined thanks to this slight 3-D effect.

2. If you prefer shiny lipsticks with hydrating textures

Lipsticks with a glossy finish and particularly moisturizing ingredients also take care of our lips, but they also tend to encounter fine lines around the mouth. While the matte opponent can last for hours without smudging, glossy lipsticks are always associated with extra work. But there’s a trick to keeping deep-colored lipstick in place – you can now use a strong, clear lip liner to create contours that prevent the lipstick from embarking on the long journey (more in our gallery of images ). After applying the eyeliner, you can also apply a clear setting powder around the entire mouth, which keeps the color bright twice.

3. If you plan to dance the night away with that kissable red mouth

If you have a busy night ahead of you and you don’t want to spend all your time in front of the mirror putting on makeup, the right lip liner can save you from ugly circles of color at the edge of your lips and a discolored, kissable mouth. If you fill your lips with the right lipstick before applying the lipstick you want, your color will stay fresh longer – the waxy texture of the lip liner keeps the lipstick on your lips longer and prevents, for example, the complete coloration of the drinking glass.

4. If you ever run out of lipstick …

Lip liners are basically highly pigmented ultra-matte lipsticks, in the truest sense of the word! Also, there are now many lipsticks that come in lip liner form, such as Bobbi Brown’s “Art Stick.” Here the properties of a lipstick are combined with the advantages of a contour pencil: it is particularly precise to apply and cover, but in terms of texture it is like a lipstick.

No-go’s when wearing lip liners

If, having persuaded a lot, you take a lip liner, always draw exactly the edge of the lip, do not move to the outside or inside of the lips! Corrective techniques are reserved for professionals, the layman would run the risk of triggering violent lubrication and an inflatable lip alarm!

Also, the contour pencil should never be significantly darker than the lipstick and therefore clearly recognizable. That conjures up extremely ugly memories of Pamela Anderson from the ’90s. Contour and color need to blend so that you can’t see exactly where lip liner starts and lipstick ends.

You can find the perfect lip liner and the right makeup tool here in our image gallery.

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