Servicio de labios: ¡besarme no está permitido!

Lip service: kissing me is not allowed!

Lip service: kissing me is not allowed!

wantedthe 02/07/2013 | 10:08

Kissing forbidden? Many lipsticks have long promised this and are in glossy magazines and in advertising as kissable and particularly long-lasting. promoted. Constant lip-dragging can be annoying and discolored, and dry paint isn’t sexy at all. Here you can find out what tips and tricks you can use to avoid this in the future, and which lipsticks keep their promises.

Every day, women demand a lot from their lipstick: durability after a nice lunch, no marks on the rim of the glass during an after-work drink, and no kissable mouths on the other person’s cheeks. To make all these missteps a thing of the past, the beauty industry has specialized in “kissable” lipsticks. However, before using such a lipstick, you should consider a few things in advance: to keep the lips supple at all times, the lips should be prepped with a care stick or a balm.

And durability can be supported, too – lipstick holds up particularly well if you powder your lips after the first application, then “kiss” a tissue, then apply a second coat of lipstick. Kissable lipsticks that deliver what they promise are sometimes difficult to remove when removing makeup. Therefore, oil-containing wipes and emulsions are a gentle option and remove makeup completely. Discover in our top 3 which lipsticks are really kissable.

1. The Lip2last– Manhattan lipstick

This lipstick is a two phase product. First, phase 1, the intense color, is applied evenly to the lips without oil. You need to make sure that the paint is applied very accurately and carefully. So distribute everything as well as possible and apply the color to the last wrinkle of the lip. Now let the colored product dry for about a minute. When everything is dry, you can apply phase 2, the glitter. It works as a nourishing finish, seals in color very well, and keeps lipstick fresh. Vitamin E also cares for the lips and keeps them supple. the Lip2last It is available in 14 different colors for around € 7.30.

2. The Superstay 24h– Maybelline Jade Lipstick

The formula of the Superstay 24h-The lipstick ensures long-lasting beautiful lip color with up to 24 hours of hold, no fading, no fading, no running, no fading and no drying out. The MicroFlex technology follows the movements of the mouth and is pleasant on the lips thanks to the formula. So the color stays on the lips all day. The paint can be applied particularly easily and precisely with the large applicator surface. The color palette consists of 36 colors that have been developed especially for German women. Germany has the widest color gamut in the Superstay 24h-Lipstick throughout Europe. The lipstick is waterproof and can be purchased for about € 15.

3. The Unfailing duo stick– L’Oréal lipstick

This lipstick is in a compact two-phase packaging, which with its golden appearance and reflective surface is a great attraction and looks luxurious. In addition, the area can also be used as a mirror to go. Like the first Manhattan lipstick, the lipstick is divided into two phases and applied in the same way. If you have applied both phases correctly, a really impressive result is achieved, the lips shine and the lipstick is absolutely resistant to eating, drinking and kissing. The good thing is that after hours you are still perfectly made up and you no longer have to worry about your appearance. The sophisticated lipstick is available for € 15.00.