Poca elección: con qué aplicaciones comienza el nuevo Android Automotive

Little choice: which apps the new Android Automotive starts with

Little choice: which apps the new Android Automotive starts with

Android Auto was yesterday, in the future there will be cars with full-blown Android Automotive. However, the beginning is timid, the available applications are manageable.

Slowly but surely, the new Android Automotive is also arriving in Germany. Polestar, a sub-brand of Volvo, is also introducing its own new models in Germany. At the same time, the company announced which Android apps can currently be offered for the new Android Automotive. The selection is still pretty slim and manageable, but we don’t know any more about Android Auto anyway.

Google has created a comprehensive automotive operating system that rivals the solutions offered by vehicle manufacturers. The huge mobile ecosystem naturally gives Google an edge, but it must first be used properly. Volvo has now announced which apps are currently available on the new Polestar 2. Of course, the basic offering consists of Google apps, including calendar, maps and YouTube Music.

Android Automotive: Google apps and some more

The agency Polestar reveals that third-party providers are also involved: Castbox, Pocket Casts, Libby, iHeartRadio, Swedish Radio Play, NRK Radio, Magic Radio from Bauer Media Audio, Radioplayer.de, Radioline and Spotify. The mobiFlip colleagues were also able to discover radio.de and the ARD audio library at an event. Due to the distraction, there are no video apps for Android Automotive, for example access to WhatsApp Messenger should be available.

Polestar 2 in the video (detailed)

Google is already ahead of the game today

Android Automotive is that Clear Android Auto’s outstretched arm represents the complete foundation of car software. Polestar is one of the first manufacturers to rely on this system and not develop its own solution. This is an advantage for the user if you are at home with Google and Android, as the family ecosystem is perfectly available in the car.

The future is difficult to predict. But for cost reasons alone, Android Automotive is expected to be found in many vehicles in the very long term. Google is not alone with its solution, Huawei is also working on a similar system. However, I see the largest search engine group ahead, Google services like Google Maps are almost unbeatable.