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little Red Riding Hood

little Red Riding Hood

This is what it’s all about: In the Little Red Riding Hood version of Twilight, director Catherine Hardwicke must Amanda Seyfried (24 years old) Decide between two men in the role of Little Red Riding Hood, a werewolf terrorizes a town and the werewolf appears to be someone from the town of all people.

“Little Red Riding Hood” not much like Little Red Riding Hood from our childhood. In the original Brothers Grimm fairy tale, Little Red Riding Hood jumps through the woods with a basket full of treats on her arm towards her grandmother and the big bad wolf is easily defeated in the end. In “Little Red Riding Hood” everything is a little darker and more mystical. But we are also out of the era of fairy tales …

After the Twilight movies were a big hit, you can look forward to “Little Red Riding Hood.” Catherine Hardwicke seems to have a knack for lurid and exciting film adaptations. The film will be produced by Leonanrdo Di Caprio and will hit theaters in Germany on April 21, 2011.

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You are going to see the movie Do you see parallels with Twilight?

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