Liv Tyler: El segundo bebé está en camino

Liv Tyler: The second baby is on the way

Liv Tyler: The second baby is on the way

Officially confirmed

wantedon 09/30/2014 | 17:30

Pregnancy rumors about Liv Tyler have been circulating for some time. Her growing belly heated suspicions, but the actress covered herself silently. Now her spokesperson spoke and finally confirmed: Yes, Liv Tyler is in different circumstances!

Liv Tyler has always been a family man: the actress, although the daughter of rock star Steven Tyler, never attracted scandals. After Liv Tyler married musician Roysten Langdon in 2003, the young family had offspring. Her son Milo was born a year later and in order to fully focus on the offspring, Liv Tyler even put her acting career on the back burner. Still, happiness shouldn’t last forever.

Liv Tyler is expecting a baby

Because already in 2008 Liv Tyler ended the relationship with Milo’s father; of course, in friendship, after all, they both wanted to be there for their son. There was no new man in Liv Tyler’s life for a long time: Actress and sports and events manager David Gardner have only been a couple since earlier this year. The rumor about Liv Tyler’s pregnancy began to simmer a few weeks ago, as the 37-year-old often seemed to want to hide her stomach in paparazzi photos. A baby ball was even clearly recognizable in recent recordings. But now there is finally clarity.

Liv Tyler: Baby is on the way

Liv Tyler’s spokeswoman finally confirmed the rumor. He informed “People” magazine that the couple were expecting their first child together. They are both “beside themselves with joy”; It’s no wonder, after all, it’s no secret that Liv Tyler wanted more kids besides Milo. Both Milo and Gray, the son of David Gardner’s first marriage, will now have a half brother. With this baby, Liv Tyler and David Gardner make their love happiness perfect.Liv Tyler can no longer hide it: the actress will soon have her second child! After ten years, Liv Tyler finally seems to have found the right man for a large blended family. We’re happy for both of you and can’t wait for the bundle of joy to be born!Image Source: Getty Images / JP Yim

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