Viva sin azúcar

Live without sugar

Live without sugar

Complaints about high sugar consumption

So far, giving up sugar sounds very sensible, because the effects of sugar have also been scientifically proven. Neuropharmacologist Margarete Morris discovered in experiments with rats, for example, that high sugar intake slows down the brain and causes it to shrink. Too much sugar makes us feel stupid.

Also that the Skin texture improved after abstaining from sugar., have shown many self-evaluations, even if they have not been scientifically proven. However, since sugar causes inflammation in the body, this can reflect very well on the appearance of the skin. And from the constant weight gain if we consume too much sugar we don’t even have to talk, because that should be obvious anyway.

Lose weight without sacrificing yourself, starving, or counting calories!

Furthermore, even researchers such as University of California physician Robert Lustig assume that Sugar is “poison” for the body and how a drug works. The more I eat, the more I need. If I want to do without it later, I even suffer withdrawal symptoms like headaches and restlessness. Tumor cells are also said to be aggravated by excessive consumption of sugar.

So the consequence of doing without sugar actually seems logical. And the food of the proponents of the sugar-free diet, or the replacement for natural sweetness, can really look good.