Liza Waschke habla sobre la escena de la violación

Liza Waschke talks about the rape scene

Liza Waschke talks about the rape scene

Clash at BTN: David attacks Milla against her will. But she can free herself, run away. We spoke to the two BTN actors, Liza Waschke and Pascal Kappés, and asked them how exciting filming was for them and if they had any concerns about this story.

What happened?

BTN-David and Lisa have separated. The reason: Lisa is afraid of David, she feels harassed by him. She makes it clear to him that there is no longer any chance for the two of them. Sad and disappointed in life, David yells at Milla. He tells you in detail that he has lost the love of his life. So Milla and León offer David to stay with them. The next day, Milla and David meet again while exercising, Milla tries to distract him from the love affair.

But David can’t take his eyes off Milla, who first trains in front of him without a belly and then undresses in front of him to take a shower. David follows Milla to the bathroom, stands in the doorway and thus blocks her exit. Milla finds the situation awkward, but then passes it on. But David does not give up, he follows Milla again, pressing her against the wall. He grabs Milla, who is only wearing a towel, all over her body, although she tells him several times that she doesn’t want that. But David only lets go when Milla fights back, kicks him between the legs.

Interview: This is what the BTN actors say about the scene

“Berlin – Day and Night” addresses an important issue with this script. In an interview, actors Liza and Pascal exclusively revealed to us what they think of this story and what advice they give to women on the road to whom something terrible actually happens.

Desired: How did you feel when you first heard about this rape story?

Pascal: “At first I was very surprised. This is certainly a topic that you rarely have to deal with as an actor. In general, I have never dealt with that before. “

Liza: “As Pascal says: It was definitely a challenge. However, I was quite interested and it seemed very exciting to put myself in such a situation. “

Were you excited before filming the scene?

Pascal: “I wasn’t excited. In Liza I have a great companion who has been with us for years. We were able to prepare well together. “

Liza: (laughs) “Thanks, I was really excited again when the time came. A scene like that demands everything from you. For a long time I couldn’t imagine how I would implement it. On set, I let emotions, reactions and influences affect me. “

Was it a challenge for you to film this scene?

Pascal: “Yes, definitely. That was by far the biggest challenge for me. I did not know how the ‘man’ reacts or acts. It was really difficult for me. “

Liza: “Absolutely, for me too. Pascal is right, it was really a great challenge. “

How did you feel during filming?

Pascal: “In the scene I had to differentiate myself. David sees the situation with Milla completely wrong in his eyes. He also completely misinterprets Milla’s characters. He doesn’t realize what he’s doing. “

Liza: “I was very tense while filming and by the end I was quite exhausted. We must not forget that one feels completely immersed in this situation ”.

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Many viewers cannot distinguish between script and reality. Are you afraid, Pascal, that many will now perceive you as a ‘rapist’?

Pascal: “I have to admit that it is very difficult. Some people can’t distinguish between me and my role, Pascal. Basically, I know such reactions. My role is very impulsive, loud and harsh towards others and therefore is often criticized. I expect a similar reaction now. They bounce off me and the people who are important to me. I know that I play a role and that I am different in my private life.

Has your relationship changed since filming?

Pascal: “No, Liza and I always get along. The role is the role, in private we are different “.

Liza: “I agree with that!”

Liza, were you able to put yourself in the shoes of the women to whom something like this really happened, although everything is of course just an act?

Liza: “Yes, absolutely. When you shoot the scene and really immerse yourself in this world, you feel it. I got fully and 100% involved. Nobody wants that. “

What is your advice to women who really find themselves in such a situation?

Liza: “In any case, you must file a complaint and thus hold the perpetrator responsible. The important thing is: it’s not your fault! It is your body and only you decide what happens to it. There is help for all those affected. Among other things, the helpline offers Violence against women a confidential consultation. Calls cannot be traced, email exchanges and chat are anonymous. The counselors are qualified specialists with experience advising people affected by violence. “

Liza’s advice for affected women: You can contact more than 60 counselors by calling 08000 116016 and on the barrier-free website for free and confidential, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, exactly when the person needs help. Have the courage to trust someone.

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