Mädchen.de: What does the name of your band mean?

Locnville: We came up with the word “Locnville” ourselves, which represents our American and South African roots. We like that it sounds a bit mysterious.

Mädchen.de: You are twins, does that mean you always agree on things like music or clothes?Locnville: No, not necessarily. We can agree on many things, but we also often have different opinions and tastes.

Mädchen.de: Is it true that you are related to Charly Chaplin?That’s true! However, he is more of a “distant relative”: our great-grandfather and Charlie Chaplin’s father were brothers. So we’re kind of distant cousins ​​or something.

Mädchen.de: For which team did you cross your fingers at the World Cup?Locnville: Of course we support the Bafana Bafana team from South Africa! We were pretty exhausted when they were sent off in the preliminary round, but happy that they at least won their last game.

Mädchen.de: What do you like most about South Africa? Locnville: You can think of so many beautiful things, the country and the people are wonderful. We are very proud to be South African! “Sun in my pocket” will be released on August 13, the album of the same name will go on sale on September 3. More information about Locnville is available at www.locnville.de. What do you think of the boys and their song? We look forward to your comment!

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