Cabello largo: ¡Estos peinados se ven increíbles en cualquier chica!

Long Hair: These hairstyles look amazing on any girl!

Long Hair: These hairstyles look amazing on any girl!

How does my hair grow faster?

Average hair growth is around 1 to 1.5 centimeters per month, around 12 to 15 centimeters per year. But can you really speed up hair growth? Yes and no. There is no panacea that leads directly to faster hair growth for everyone.. And the maximum length of your hair is also genetically determined. However, a lot can be done to make your hair look fuller, stronger and healthier. Here are some tips for faster hair growth.

How do I get more volume in my long hairstyle?

The longer the hair, logically it becomes heavier. Especially in people with thinner hair, the mane tends to hang flat on the head. So how do you get more volume in your long hairstyle? There are a few tips and tricks for doing this.

  1. Volume foam it can make your hair sway more. With mousse, however, you need to be careful not to use too much and only apply it to towel-dried hair at the hairline.
  2. too Volume powder gives your hair more grip and body. Make sure to carefully section your hair and spread the powder under the hair right at the roots.
  3. You can also do a lot in terms of volume to your hair while you blow-dry it. Dry the long hair with a large round brush, for her Place it close to the hairline and wrap the strand around it. Run it over briefly with the dryer and then let it cool completely. Only then do I remove the brush.

Brush or comb? What is better for long hair?

There is no specific rule that says you should use a brush or a comb. But of course there are differences of use. Removed with the help of parallel tines The comb the bun quite precisely. In contrast to the hairbrush they are here only released individual strands of knots. Who special long full hair you should use a coarse tooth comb.

Brushes, on the other hand, have the function of detangle as many hair strands as possible at a time. In contrast to the comb, there is an immensely large selection of different brush bristle materials. These range from plastic to natural hair. If you long full hair you should go to one Paddle brush To fall again. This hairbrush was inspired by a palette. Grab and detangle multiple strands of hair at once. If you want more volume, you can do it with one Round brush help with the dryer.

In the end, you decide whether to use the comb or the brush yourself. Just make it depend on what suits you best.

Long hairstyles for different occasions

If there is one thing that is long hairstyles, it is versatile. The occasions for which long hairstyles can be styled are equally multifaceted. We give three examples here:

  • Walk: Long hair is incredibly beautiful and is especially good on noble occasions, such as prom. You can braid your long hairstyle into a long side braid for prom or update it with a headband.
  • Date: Of course, you also style yourself accordingly on romantic dates. Whether it’s with a blouse or a dress: you can give your hair beachy waves for this occasion!
  • School / Uni: If you are away from home all day long hair can be annoying. In this case, you can make a nice bun or braid your hair into a braid or two. Or you can also grab a headband that keeps pesky hair out of your face!

What long hairstyle is suitable for beginners?

Beginners who still don’t dare to do the elaborate and rather complicated hairstyles can start with a simple ponytail and decorate it with hair accessories. An eye-catching elastic band with metallic elements, a pair of pearl hair clips, or a strand of hair tied around the braid make each hairstyle look really cool right away. Even a simple braid can be braided in no time and immediately makes you look elaborate. Hairstyle beginners can also simply vary the position of the part and create a new hairstyle very easy. We think: With long hairstyles, less is even more!

What long hairstyle suits what face shape?

Round face shape

Long hair goes very well with round face shapes, because the hairstyle also stretches the round face. It doesn’t matter if you style your hair wavy or straight, everything looks good on you if you have a round face! A stepped cut suits just as well and suits the round face shape very well. If you want, you can have a fringed or slanted pony cut. Straight bangs are quite unfavorable on a round face.

Oval face shape

Anyone with an oval face can wear almost anything! With an oval face shape, all haircuts and hairstyles look amazing. So nothing stands in the way of a long hairstyle. Style it you like the most because you look great with every hairstyle!

Trapezoidal face shape

The trapezoidal face has the following characteristics: The jaws are slightly wider than the forehead area. You look long hair when you have it straightened and cut deep bangs. But you can also use a part in the middle and style your wavy hair.

Heart shape face shape

With a heart-shaped face, the forehead is wider than the chin. The chin is very prominent and pointed. Therefore, long hairstyles with a middle part are particularly good.

Square face shape

A square face has angular features. The face here is as wide as it is tall. That is why we recommend loose hairstyles that hide facial features and soften them.